Considerations in planning a stag party

Planing a successful stag party requires ample time and effort for the day to be memorable ( Remember, this is the day the groom gets to enjoy before he ties the knot with his boys. The best man should be in charge of planning the event because he is closest to the groom and certainly knows him well. As you plan a stag party, there are a few considerations you need to make to make the day a success. These considerations include:

1. Date

The first thing you need to consider when planning a stage party is the exact date to hold the event. You should pick a day that everyone invited or be invited will certainly be available to turn up and celebrate with the groom ( A weekend or two before the wedding is an ideal date to pick and have the party. As you consider the date, do not forget the venue you will be hosting the event because you need to book before with either a downpayment or full booking.

2. Venue

Always pick a venue that will be a perfect choice for all. Consult on the various venue options or suggestions that people have in mind and pick one that will be a total blast for all. While weighing your options, ensure you have a budget allocation on the venue payment so that you only pick one within your range. Also, choose one that matches your stag party theme and host the numbers invited because the last thing you need to you need is to be congested as you celebrate.

3. People to invite

The groom certainly needs to celebrate with his closest friends and family members when planning a stag party. It’s therefore important that the groom considers whom to invite and who to leave out. It can be a hard choice, but you need to decide either way. Ensure you have a list of people closest to him and only pick those you are also certain will show up for the event ( Do not also forget that since this is a day to celebrate the grooms big day, you should cater to the budget, which means you need people who are willing and able to organize the party. You can also opt to have surprise guests on the list to make the day more fun for all.

4. Budget

Planing a stag party certainly can only be a success if you have a budget and contribute towards it. Table down each expense you will incur on the day and settle for a budget that is pocket friendly for everyone to contribute. If possible, avoid the groom’s idea contributing to it and make the day a treat for him. As your budget, make accurate allocations and avoid any speculations on costs. Always confirm everything so that you are certain about how much you need to have before the day. The contributions also need to be done days before the event because you need to pay for a few things before the day.